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Expert in Women's Mental Health

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I am a board-certified psychiatrist with expertise in treating and protecting women’s mental health throughout the reproductive life cycle with both medications and psychotherapy. I help women make the best decisions for themselves and their families by giving evidence-based recommendations informed by research. I can also help patients determine their priorities, pay attention to their emotions, manage anxious thoughts, and communicate effectively with family and friends.

I am experienced in treating women with:

  • stressors or concerns about protecting mental health while negotiating work or family needs

  • flares of anxiety or depression

  • premenstrual dysphoric disorder 

  • premenstrual mood and anxiety exacerbations 

  • interest in treatment before, during, or after pregnancy, or while breastfeeding

  • pregnancy loss or going through infertility treatment

  • perimenopausal symptoms 

  • other questions related to mental health across the reproductive life cycle 

  • mental health concerns who are also medical professionals

As a therapist who can also prescribe medications, I am in a unique position to monitor symptoms and help you make a decision about when they can be helped with therapy, sleep, exercise, communication, and other modalities and when the volume is simply too high for these first line treatments to be effective.

In addition to my focus on women, I have experience treating physicians, nurses, therapists and other medical professionals. My approach is collaborative and I have a deep understanding of the requirements of various healthcare roles. I share my thought process and we discuss options and make decisions together. Helping those who care for others is part of what makes my work meaningful.

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