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I am currently NOT accepting new patients, but hope to have availability again in July 2024 for patients who are perinatal (pregnant or postpartum), planning pregnancy, dealing with infertility or loss, managing young children, or healthcare providers. Prospective patients should be seeking therapy with or without medications and at least some visits in person. I am a reproductive psychiatrist who welcomes and supports all identities.

I treat patients living in the Baltimore area, with a focus on how hormonal transitions (premenstrual, perinatal, perimenopausal) impact mental health. I also specialize in treating medical professionals. In addition, I provide one-time consultations for those needing a second opinion or recommendations to take back to their managing psychiatrist. By attending to the whole picture, I can help determine if medications might be helpful, when to start medication treatment and when to hold off, how to optimize or simplify medication regimens, what other interventions can also be tried, and how to maintain and protect mental health and prevent future exacerbations. Virtual appointments are available on an as-needed basis, after in-person treatment has been established.

I accept self-pay only for new patients with private insurance, who may be able to get partial reimbursement if they have out-of-network benefits. I have a limited number of slots available for perinatal women with medicaid who are able to attend regular psychotherapy. I am licensed to treat patients located in Maryland only.

New patients can set up a brief screening phone call to hear more about what I do and to find out whether my practice is a good fit by leaving a message at 443-459-1840.

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