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My path to becoming a psychiatrist and psychotherapist has been somewhat circuitous, with detours through studying literature, teaching and journalism, all of which make me an excellent listener and creative partner in exploring the narratives of patients I work with.

I graduated from Yale University, obtained an MPhil in 20th Century English Literature from Oxford, taught high school English in Baltimore and then decided to become a doctor. I completed both medical school and psychiatry residency at Johns Hopkins where I trained with world experts at the Women’s Mood Disorders Center. I am currently an Assistant Professor at the University of Maryland where I treat patients and train psychiatry residents and other physicians in protecting women’s mental health around the time of pregnancy and postpartum. I am on the Education Committee for the National Curriculum in Reproductive Psychiatry and have written several textbook chapters on treating women with depression, anxiety, OCD, and perimenopausal mood disturbance.

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